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Script of love: How much do you want to know someone to fall in love with them?

Nothing makes me lose my rag like people who still cling onto myths about love. That love is a journey, and lovers fellow wayfarers.

What a load of bull.

There is no standard measure of love. Or an ideal way to deal with it. The connection, clear or merely a passing nuance, is a spectacular majesty that simply takes care of itself.

Attraction is a chemical reaction. Or so it is said. Everyone has felt this electric vortex at one point in their life. If you feel it, however slightly, bang! You’re bound for zenith.

Never mind that you don’t know the other person. And that you might never see them again.


I’ve seen guys who met in the bus on their way to work in the morning; went for a date that evening; a second date followed the week after. With lots of fun in-between.

Which brings me to my point: how much do you want to know someone to fall in love with them? For most peeps, there’s no love without security. God’s bones! Who even said that love needs security? Unless you are dealing with a potential murderer.

When you sit across your date at a restaurant or club, their character lies bare. They don’t need to say a thing. You also don’t need to be an astrologer to crack their persona. That’s all. Easy-peasy. I didn’t say masters of character concealment don’t exist.

Go on as many dates as you can. Meet people. Strike out the misfits. Meet his friends. Sleep over. Rub his temple with your mighty hot feet. Kiss. Roll on the couch. Even shag. I mean, who said you can’t throw caution to the wind?

Most folks don’t know just what a thriller spontaneity and wildness are. Love is not meant to be guarded. The wilder the more exhilarating. Love with abandon. It’s the perfect ingredient of a love legend. Of poetry and myth.


The sooner we let our guard down, the easier it becomes to navigate the arc of relationships. Love is not a script to be followed. It’s fun to be enjoyed. Don’t turn down infatuation. It just might be the closest you’ll come within the real deal.

If not to waste time, why, in creation, would you want to go on a sixth date with someone if you have cold feet?

If she doesn’t set off a lightning bolt in you, don’t attend art fairs with her. Don’t go biking with him. In fact, avoid eating out. Those drinks are worth more than fakeness.

If you are reluctant to hit it off because you want to know him better, you’re starting to get seriously off course. If he is not your type of bear, shake him off your hook. In fact, ignore his advances.

You dig him? Go after him. If she sets your gut on fire, the better. If the liking is mutual, that’s magic.

Don’t wait for a sign. None might ever come. Enjoy it while it lasts. You won’t regret. If you do, you’ll have had your moment. Isn’t that something?