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Seven social media habits that must be left in 2018

The social media platforms have seen all kinds of users log in and out this year.

While some users were forced to deactivate their accounts due to their online activities, others made a killing having mastered the art of social media.

Here are seven habits that we took note of in 2018 and ought to stop as the year ends:

  1. Kuiba content

Come next year, no user will be expected to copy paste content without attribution. Originality will be encouraged and violators will be called out.

  1. Tagging a million users

These users who write with so and so and 50 others even when it is clear in the photos that they are alone need to deactivate their accounts or shape up. Next year no tagging dozens of people who are not even involved or in the know.

  1. Kobi Kihara-ing

No more fake it till you make it guys. 2019 should be authentic and real; just like journalist Kobi was given a thrashing after doing you know what, all fakers will be exposed and forced to deactivate accounts.

  1. Know-it-all

We all know them. When matters murder case came up, they were lawyers analyzing evidence and witness statements. When Kenya’s debt crisis came up, they were competing with economists David Ndii and Kwame Owino. Know-it-alls who purport to be experts in everything must tone down in 2019. Engage only in matters that you have proper and factual information in.

  1. Bullying

No cyber bullying in 2019. I know it’s easier said than done but guess what, an example has already been set when an influencer was forced to apologise by the court for defaming a user online or risk a jail term.

  1. Going overboard

This again goes to all “influencers” who will do anything to trend. This coming year please do not go overboard with your antics like comedian Eric Omondi did with his nude swimming video. Have a limit with your online presence and ask yourself questions before posting any content.

  1. Irresponsible posts

Remember the internet never forgets. Be responsible and do not post anything that you will later regret and have to pull down. Remember the Kevin Hart post that cost him an Oscar hosting role? Lets all have a responsible 2019.