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KALUA: How my son saved Uber driver after he collapsed behind the wheel

Environmentalist Isaac Kalua has recounted the moment his son David Kalua saved the life of an Uber driver who collapsed while behind the wheel.

Dr Kalua, chairman of Green Africa Foundation, said his son had hailed an Uber from USIU which is located on Thika Superhighway and was en route home when the drama unfolded around Kamukunji area.

A quick thinking David not only managed to stop the car using the handbrake but also secured the drivers phones from usual kleptomaniacs in such incidents as well as rush him to hospital using the cab.

Surprisingly, boda boda operators rode in front of the vehicle clearing traffic for faster movement.

Below, read the narration verbatim as told Dr Kalua on his Facebook page.

My son my Valentine Hero!

Today our son David Kalua boarded Uber from USIU-UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY-AFRICA for home.

En route, just around the very busy Kamukunji area the driver took a sip of his water and soon after, went into a seizure, and collapsed on the wheel with his feet on the acceleration pedal!!!

Shocked as he was, David gathered himself up, stopped the flying car by engaging the hand brakes. By this time a large crowd was already gathering around the car causing maximum attention.

David immediately stored away the drivers’ two mobile phones and threw his bag in the car trunk. He was immediately and positively assisted by Boda Boda riders to carry the driver to the passenger seat of the car. David then commandeered the car supported by the Boda Boda riders who cleared motorists from the way to allow his quick passage.

Confident of himself David flees from the temptation of carrying an additional passenger because he wasn’t sure what the person would be up to.

He drove straight into South B Hospital because the traffic only allowed him to take that route. All this time his prayer was “God help that this man doesn’t die in my presence”.

He called for help and his Driver- Turned- Passenger was instantly ferried into the doctors room. All this time he was unconscious. David paid for the consultancy fees and the patient was attended to.

Three hours later, the best thing ever happened!! The man gained his consciousness thanks to God Almighty!!!! The Doctors and nurses had done tremendous job!!

Few minutes later David handed over his phones to him and the gentleman managed to fish out his wife’s number. David and the team now called the wife who was in Kahawa, Mwiki and requested her to make her way to the hospital after explaining what had transpired.

At about 8pm the man was fully back to himself, thanked David and allowed him to go home as the wife was already on her way.

Just a few minutes ago, the wife called David to thank him for extending such love and confirmed that the man is now as fit as a fiddle!!

Friends please Help me thank our son David for such bravery! Amazing Valentine Love. Isn’t it?

May God be glorified for His doing.

David has a new friend whose name is Michael.