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Sonko: I will not allow laziness, Nairobians must walk

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has insisted that he will not allow laziness in the city and that Nairobians must walk.

Sonko has said the move to decongest the city by barring the entry of matatus into the Central Business District is just getting started.

Speaking during the commissioning of KCB’s Jiajiri Programme in Kasarani, Nairobi on Thursday, Sonko said Kenya’s capital city must mirror its international status.


“Naona drill zinafanyika kwa airport na malls… kwa hivyo hata mimi nilikuwa najaribu. Hii kelele ya chura haitushtui, kutembea ni exercise… mimi kama governor sitakubali laziness… bado mtatembea tena. Even in Rwanda, people walk,” said Sonko.

The Governor told Nairobians that they must get used to walking to the city centre to restore order on the roads, adding that his government will only make exceptions for pregnant women, the elderly and physically challenged.

Sonko’s remarks come just two days after he announced the suspension of the ban of matatus within the CBD which led to a city-wide transport crisis on Monday.


The brief enforcement of the ban greatly inconvenienced thousand of city commuters who were forced to walk for long distances to their workplaces on Monday.

At the same time, Governor Sonko has asked Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja to work with him instead of fighting him.

“Sakaja, I fought former Governor Evans Kidero and even took him to court. But Sonko is not Kidero. Come let us work together,” Sonko said.

In the wake of the matatu ban Senator Sakaja filed a petition in court seeking to have the ban suspended, arguing that the order was enforced without public participation.