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SportPesa CEO puts his luxurious car on the line in cheeky bet with comedians – VIDEOS and PHOTOS

SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri has placed perhaps the biggest bet in Kenya’s history a move that could see him kissing goodbye his fuel guzzling luxury car worth atleast Sh25 million.

This after Karauri, a self-confessed Gor Mahia fan, took up a challenge from the local comedy trio of Propesa to surrender his sleek and well conditioned Range Rover Overfinch in the event Gor Mahia loses to Hull City in Sunday’s friendly match in Nairobi.

The comedians have in turn assured Karauri that they will surrender their weather-beaten Toyota Probox in case ‘their team’ Hull City suffers defeat to the Kenyan champions.

SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri next to his sleek Range Rover Overfinch. PHOTO | COURTESY

In a two-minute video uploaded on social media, the flamboyant Karauri confirmed his willingness to offer his fuel guzzler if Gor Mahia losses the high billed friendly match at Kasarani Stadium.

Just to prove how serious he is, Karauri went on to showcase his beauty of a machine with all its exterior and internal luxurious features.

“I am a Gor Mahia fan and I’m a hundred percent sure that Gor Mahia are winning on Sunday,” Karauri says, whilst showing off the car, valued at atleast Sh25 millions, minus custom taxes.

Propesa comedians explain the exterior features of their ‘Toyota Over Finch’. PHOTO | COURTESY

In comparison, Propesa’s Toyota Probox comes for as ‘little’ as Sh 800,000.

While throwing down the challenge, Propesa paraded their Toyota Probox which they have cheekily christened ‘Toyota Over Finch’ explaining all its ‘unique’ features.

At face value, it doesn’t seem Karauri will suffer much even if he lost his top of the range luxury car given that it is just one in a fleet of expensive rides which he owns, including a Mercedes Mayback S600 and a Bentley Continental.

Propesa comedians with their ‘Toyota Over Finch’. PHOTO | COURTESY