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Suave thief walks away with Sh30k phone from electronic shop – VIDEO

Surveillance footage has emerged showing the moment a man stole a Sh30,000 phone from an electronics shop without firing a single shot.

The video shows the unidentified man walking into an electronics shop in Lumuru pretending to be interested in buying a phone.

The shop owner Karanja Richo told Nairobi News that the man told the female attendant to let him check out a Tecno phone that he wanted to buy for his wife.

The female attendant seems distracted while fixing another gadget. Taking advantage of this, the man slips the phone in between a newspaper and immediately removes his phone from the jacket

He then pretends to talk to his wife about the new phone. The incident, which happened a few minutes after 1pm on June 30, has been reported at the Tigoni police station.


The woman appears to have forgotten that she had handed him another phone and is seen gesturing as if showing him the one she is holding.

At this point, he asks the woman to show him another phone from the display. He is still on phone.

“The man was very smart because as the lady was preparing the phone, he slipped the other phone in between the newspaper,” said Mr Richo.

“The phone he took was the most expensive one in the shop retailing at Sh30,000.”

Mr Richo says the man told the saleslady to pack the other phone while he goes outside to an M-Pesa shop to withdraw some cash.

The exterior CCTV shows the man walk out casually, then accelerating his pace before running for his life and melting into the afternoon crowd.