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This is why David Ndii is trending on social media

Economist David Ndii’s interview on Citizen TV on Monday evening, has sparked a debate on his wit and the show host’s ability (or lack of it) to interview him.

Twitter has since been divided over how the economist defended the Nasa manifesto and how the host Anne Kiguta interviewed him.

Some users accused Ndii of being too technical and trying to intimidate the host when asked to simplify or break down the manifesto.


Other users accused Ms Kiguta of being unprepared for the interview and quoting a fake manifesto as highlighted by Ndii at the start of the interview.

During the interview, Ndii defended the major action points captured in the Nasa manifesto among them historical injustices that the coalition will tackle in line with the constitution.

The economist weighed in on financial issues among them national debt where he proposed a slow down on domestic borrowing as well as avoiding syndicated loans while opting for borrowing concessional money from world bank.

Here are some of the reactions by Kenyans on Twitter: