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Suicide bomber weighed options before blowing himself

By HILARY KIMUYU January 17th, 2019 1 min read

Footage has emerged showing how one of the attackers at Riverside office complex had stood for close to a minute outside a restaurant before blowing himself up just after 3pm on Tuesday.

The bomber walked to Secret Garden Restaurant and appeared to be considering his options as two civilians walked past him, not knowing his intention.

This was followed by relative calm before the man blew himself up, with his flesh and shrapnel being thrown in the air before the restaurant got engulfed in smoke.

Moments later, survivors can be seen scampering for safety.

The blast kicked off the attack at 14 Riverside complex followed by heavy gunfire, as civilians fled or barricaded themselves in their offices awaiting rescue.


Footage from a CCTV camera mounted at the entrance of the complex showed four attackers, all clad in black and heavily armed, entering a courtyard in the compound at the start of the assault.

On Wednesday, Inspector-General of Police Joseph Boinnet said the death toll from the bomb and gun attack by had has risen to 21.

Mr Boinett said 16 were Kenyans, one Briton, one American; the nationality of the remaining three is not yet known had died.

Further, he confirmed that two people had been arrested in relation to the attack.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday morning declared the terrorist attack at 14 Riverside Drive over, with all the terrorists having been killed.

About 700 people were rescued from the compound since the start of the attack on Tuesday through the early hours of Wednesday morning, the President said.