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Troubled SuperSport lays off 100 employees in Kenya

SuperSport on Tuesday laid off 100 of its Kenyan employees, in the South African company’s final move to exit the market.

Nairobi News understands that these employees, who have been serving a month’s notice, were handed their termination letters at the company’s offices along Ngong Road in Nairobi.

“It’s done. We have been laid off and time has come to explore fresh opportunities. To be honest we knew it was coming,” one employee told Nairobi News.

Among those affected include presenters, producers, analysts, technicians, camera persons, office staff cleaners and dozens of other freelancers.

This development comes a month after the giant Pay-Tv company terminated an estimated Sh600 million deal with the Kenyan Premier League Limited.

In arriving at the decision to terminate the deal, which still had two years to run, SuperSport claims the KPL had violated their trade agree.


Under the terms of this deal, SuperSport was to air between 80-100 of the top flight football matches each season.

Nairobi News has also learnt that the company has also pulled out of separate agreements to broadcast athletics and basketball events.

SuperSport’s departure is a big blow to Kenyan football which has now officially been switched off from TV.

Even as the Government remains coy on this matter, analysts suggest  SuperSport’s move was mainly influenced by the tough economic times.

The company has in recent years struggled to retain its subscription base amid increasing competition and the new found technological way of streaming live football matches.

Nigeria, Ghana and Zimbabwe are the other markets that have severely been affected by SuperSport’s woes in recent times.