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Team mafisi in praise of Kalonzo for brilliant photo moment

A rare photo of Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka capturing Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris on his phone camera has excited the online community.

The picture Ms Pasaris captures the two enjoying each other’s company while attending Labour Day celebrations at Uhuru Park on Wednesday.

Sitting next to Ms Passaris is Senator Gertrude Inimah.

Instead of the former Vice President following proceedings of the day, Mr Kalonzo appears more interested in capturing Passaris broad smile on camera as she bursts in laughter. He quickly directs his phone towards a blushing Passaris.

Ms Passaris personal photographer captured the moment that has brought out the best of team mafisi on Twitter.

Team Mafisi headed Passaris’s call, working their brain to come up with the best caption for the photo.

“SK Says….”Kiongozi when i see you i always see Beauty that is not anywhere in this planet! let me take a photo so that i can use it as my screen saver halafu mambo itakua ni TIBIIIIIM,” said @JKithyole.

“Boy child is smitten,” suggested @jobrunsupplies.

“Kalonzo ameona kama hawezishinda ile mashindano ingine ya kura hii ya roho ya esther haiwezpita,” wrote @alfred.

“Hii rangi inaconfuse hadi @skmusyoka Mafisi wako wengi hii Kenya,” commented @Rabaches.

“”Sijui nikuite Mariah ju ya vile umecarry”,” said @ZeyDzaddy.

Then there were those who used memes to pass their message.