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The People Champion December 14, 2013

December 15th, 2013 2 min read

Road gullies. Has the Kenya Urban Roads Authority decided to make a lake out of Kinyanjui Street in Kariokor? wonders Nigel Muonzi. He says the road has been in a state of disrepair for a few years and in that period, no contractor has even attempted to fill what began as potholes with at the very least some soil.

Now that the rains are here, the close to 4ft gullies on the road, he says have filled with water and motorists are often forced to drive at a snail’s pace lest they take a plunge that may prove too costly. “It is an experience that calls for the expertise of professional drivers and I don’t have in mind our matatu men,” he says adding that youths in the area are making a killing out of pushing the cars that stall in the gullies.


Specific address. It seems there is no boundary that our criminals won’t cross in the attempt to reap where they have not sowed, Allan Maina says. He advises that if Nairobians find a child crying on the road asking them to take him or her to a specific address, they should instead rush the child to the nearest police station.

“No matter what, don’t go to that address. This is a new way for criminals to rape women, steal from them or even detain them and start demanding money from their families to guarantee their release,” he says. Anyone who has no qualms about using the innate innocence of a child to cheat the county’s good natured residents, he says is someone who won’t hesitate to harm his victims.


Initiate crackdown. If her recollection is not wrong, Nancy Gitonga says the so called Mututho laws prohibit the opening of a club any minute past 11pm. However, the time limit is being applied selectively, she notes pointing out that this is most apparent at a club on Kimathi Street that is usually open well past midnight.

On one or two occasions, she says she has seen police on patrol walk past the club that also plays music at eardrum tearing decibels without as much as a cursory glance. “I believe the club owner is giving the corruptible police officers something on the side so that they can turn a blind eye to the illegality,” she says. Nancy would like county police boss Benson Kibue to initiate a crackdown on the law breakers.


Stop Mututho. Also concerned about Mututho laws is James Mwau who says the National Agency for Campaign against Drugs chief’s activism run should be stopped. Mwau says in the beginning Mututho’s fight against alcoholism was admirable and he won many a hearts in championing for the Alcoholic Drinks Act.

“But there is nothing admirable about his latest rules that seek to stifle constitutionally guaranteed rights,” Mwau says. He cannot understand what substance the Nacada chairman is smoking to think that it is within his mandate to control the intake of alcohol by a grown up within the confines of his or her home. He says that the police may do an impromptu search on a motorist is equally preposterous.

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