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Thieves drill hole through Equity Bank wall to steal cash in Kayole

November 7th, 2016 1 min read

Thieves broke into Equity Bank in Kayole and stole unknown amount of money on Saturday night.

The theft, which points to inside job, was however detected on Sunday at around 3pm despite the fact that the bank is guarded.

The bank manager Mr Chrispo Maina told the police that he was informed by the ICT department at the Equity headquarters that the ATM signal at the branch was down.

Another employee, Mr Simon Kamau Kuria, was sent and later reported that the PIN pad at the entrance of the bank had been tampered with.

Scene was visited and it was established that the server room, two big safes and the teller safes were all broken into and unknown amount of cash stolen.

According to the police, the suspects disabled the bank’s CCTV and alarm systems after they drilled the rear wall which they used as both exit and entry points.

Detectives recovered several breaking tools and two blankets but no cash was recovered.

The senior bank officials were still reconciling the books to establish how much was stolen.

In another incident involving the same bank last year, thieves posing as the bank auditors stole Sh30 million in Othaya. Three suspects were charged in court with the robbery.