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Tiktoker Frank Murugi’s ‘wives’ in bitter social media spat

The first wife of Belgian TikToker Neluemrev Knarf, also known as Frank Murugi, has launched a scathing attack on her Kenyan co-wife, Murugi.

Rhama, Frank Murugi’s West African first wife, took to Instagram to publicly confront her co-wife, Murugi, alleging a series of deceptions and manipulations.

According to Rhama’s account, the online dispute originated when Murugi used a TikTok live session to suggest that Rhama met Frank through TikTok, positioning herself as a victim in their complicated dynamic.

Rhama’s fiery response condemned Murugi’s approach, expressing that a more mature and direct form of communication would have been more appropriate.

“If you have a message for me, then come and tell me face to face like the so-called mature lady you think you are, but don’t go crying on TikTok and talking behind my back,” Rhama posted.

The dispute escalated as Rhama claimed that Frank had been transparent about his relationship status from the beginning, alleging that Murugi was well aware of his existing marriage when they were together in Turkey.

Rhama further asserted that she and Murugi had been in contact for nearly two months, planning potential meetings in Belgium and Kenya, which contradicted Murugi’s version of events.

“Supposedly Frank lied to you, you knew about our relationship from the start, he told you everything when you were in Turkey,” she accused.

“You and I had been in contact for almost 2 months, and we even planned to see each other in real life in Belgium or Kenya. Why didn’t you mention that on your TikTok live?”

Rhama’s accusations took a more personal turn as she alleged that Murugi had misrepresented the origins of their acquaintance, claiming that Murugi had participated in a threesome with her friend in a Nairobi hotel, an assertion that Murugi vehemently denied.

Rhama also accused Murugi of spreading false information about Frank’s relationship with their child, Kenia.

She also claimed that Murugi accused her of practicing witchcraft, referencing an exchange on Snapchat.

“You say I accused you of witchcraft, but you told them why I accused you of witchcraft??? I accused you of witchcraft, because you had told me by message on snapchat that you were doing witchcraft,” she said.

Murugi has since responded to these allegations by urging Rhama to leave her alone, asserting that she had moved on from the situation.

She implied that jealousy might be driving the attacks.

“You have so much time to be worried about me and what I do and yet you could use that time to seek help. I did not know my existence bother some of you all this bad. Jealousy!!”

This bitter feud follows a series of events involving Frank Murugi, including a breakup with Murugi earlier this year after videos of him and Rhama surfaced online.

Frank Murugi gained attention in 2022 when he was apprehended for alleged drug trafficking and subsequently deported.

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