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Today’s gizmos could be trash tomorrow

There were days when having a cassette and an air conditioner completed the luxury of a car.

They were the days engineers imagined how to incorporate computers to control engine functions.

The technology got better to an extent that regardless of whether you are driving a junkie or a super car, you still need the gizmos anyway. Your car might be having cool infotainment and a dash packed with control buttons, but for sure, there are other gadgets that make your life comfortable.

It will not be long before the gizmos we are praising today become dustbin material just like the cassette.

This is the reason why you might just consider “souping” up your car with the latest gadgets if it is the old type.

Put it another way, maybe you should consider them in your next purchase.

Back up camera/parking sensors

Pretty soon, every car might just roll out with back up cameras. Some countries are even considering making it law to have cameras in all vehicles.

Manufacturers have used new ways of incorporating rear view cameras with some installing video screens on rear view mirrors while some install the cameras on the tail gate or bumpers.

The cameras are installed to take care of the blind spots when the car is reversing. They might also help the driver see children who could be nearby. The cameras automatically switch on as soon as the reverse gear is engaged.

Bluetooth connectivity

It is illegal to use your phone while driving so you might just consider installing a Bluetooth in your car.

Bluetooth is a wireless radio signal that enables compatible devices to communicate with each other. It is easy and safe to talk while driving when the phone is connected via Bluetooth to the stereo.

Various manufacturers today install Bluetooth receivers but if you car does not have one; you might consider making it a hands free calling zone. By just calling the name of the person you want to speak to, “voice dial” in smart phones will do the rest.

Navigation system

Today, reading a map to find your way has been replaced by navigation systems that give turn-by-turn instructions to drivers. Global Positioning System (GPS) gadgets come as factory installed or you can get one put on your dash from aftermarket auto-dealers.

GPS uses satellite information to relay route information to the local car devices. You can get real-time traffic information to help in planning your route. Modern GPS technology will help you avoid traffic, inform you of accidents ahead or even let you know where the nearest bank ATM is.

 IPod connection and media storage

Apple fans will love this; the iPod connection enables the driver to select tracks from the iPod via the car’s stereo system.

There is also a possibility of selecting the tracks from the steering wheel controls. The other music lovers have not been left out since MP3 connections have become more and more common.

If you plan for a long journey, just download some music through a dashboard interface to the media storage facility in the stereo. Some stereo systems are equipped with voice recognition facilities so you don’t raise a finger to select the tracks.

Automatic headlights

Some cars come with a feature that turns on the lights for you when the ambient light gets too low. It also dims the lights a little when an oncoming car shines its full beam and you cannot see properly.

It gets even better with the adaptive headlights or self levelling lights. The headlamps don’t point to the sky when you drive over a large bump.

A levelling sensor determines whether the car is tilted backward or forward and instructs the headlights to keep the beam pointed on the road. It is a standard factory fitted feature in some models.