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Two children electrocuted in Mukuru slum while looking for scrap metal – VIDEO

Two children died on Thursday after being electrocuted while looking for scrap metal in Bundalangi area in Nairobi’s Mukuru-Kaiyaba slum in South B.

According to witnesses, one child was in inside the nearby stream looking for scrap metals when an illegal connection live wire touched the water.

The second child was standing nearby and when he saw his friend being electrocuted, he jumped in to try and save the friend.

One of the deceased child’s father was in the house and was called by a neighbour who told him to go and see if one of the children was his.

“I was in the house when a neighbour came and told me to go and see if one of the children who have been electrocuted was mine. There was a huge crowd and when I reached there, I looked and I found out it was my child,” said the father.

Police later came and took the children to the City Mortuary.