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Ugandan househelp charged with assault, remanded

By Joseph Ndunda January 29th, 2022 1 min read

A Ugandan woman charged with assault and causing bodily injuries to her employer’s neighbour has been denied bail and remanded at Langata women’s prison for lack of travel and identification documents.

Candiru Shifa will remain in custody pending trial.

She had pleaded guilty to assault charges but disputed some of facts of the case prompting the court to enter a plea of not guilty.

Shifa admitted that she assaulted Saadia Mohamed Hassan and caused her actual bodily harms on January 24 in South, Nairobi.

The court heard that Ms Hassan wanted to pick her children’s clothes from a heap of clothes at the rooftop of an apartment she lives in.

But Shifa who works as a househelp in the neighbourhood had placed her phone on the clothes and warned her not to touch it ort she would beat her thoroughly.

A brief exchange happened and Shifa grabbed Ms Hassan by the neck from behind and started strangulating her.

The court was told that Ms Hassan fell down and Shifa came on top of her and continued strangling her until she could not breathe well.

She then took a piece of a metallic pipe and hit the complainant three times on the head as she screamed for help. Neighbours intervened and rescued Ms Hassan.

Shifa was arrested and charged with being unlawfully present in Kenya as investigations into the assault case went on. She admitted being an illegal immigrant and was fined Sh10,000.

When the facts of the assault case were read out to her, she said some details were not correct and senior resident magistrate Renee Kitangwa of Kibera law courts scheduled the matter for a hearing.