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Ugandan scholar divides opinion with ‘condom talk’ to 11-year-old daughter

Ugandan scholar, Dr Stella Nyanzi, is the center of yet another controversy, this time for a Facebook post detailing how she taught her 11 year old daughter how to use a condom.

Dr Nyanzi of Makerere University is infamous for once threatening to burn her private parts if President Yoweri Museveni won the country’s election in February. In April the university don stripped naked after she was locked out of her office.

In her latest flirtation with controversy, Dr Nyanzi posted pictures on social media detailing her ‘condom talk’ with her daughter.

“I had the ‘condom talk’ with my eleven-year-old daughter. I explained the dangers of unprotected sex, without blinking. Feeling like a Ninja-Warrior, I pulled out a packet of black condoms,” she wrote.

She went ahead to describe the colour of the condom (black) saying, “I told her I preferred condoms that look like the real thing.

“We practiced squeezing gently in order not to tear the tip. She asked about how women with long varnished finger-nails squeeze out the air without tearing the condom. I referred her to her auntie with long varnished finger-nails. God bless their next meeting!”


Later, her daughter took the condom and blew it.

While some people applauded her for teaching her daughter about sex at an early age, others took issues with her daughter’s age, saying she was still young to be introduced to it.

One Lynda N Wasike wrote: “It sounds impossible a topic for me to discuss with my darling daughter when that time finally comes… I will serious prayers and fasting (sic) before tackling it wololo.”

Karugu Ndiangui wrote: “That Was Brave. Wat Trickled In Will Stick in her mind..i pray i hv that braveness,openness wen that tym come its surely hard these generation to handle a teen..there so much out there,media, information thats +ve n -ve..”

“Well it’s good to lecture about the dangers of having sex, but I think she is too young to hear things to do with ,I mean the real thing I don’t agree with in that though I believe ur right,” Carlos Joe wrote while Sadiki Mutebi said: “Dr. Its high tym u came bak to your senses. U hv done too much dan enough.”