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‘Violent wife’ had kicked slain lawyer out of Lukenya home

February 21st, 2019 1 min read

Slain lawyer Robert Chesang’ lived in a hotel for months after being kicked out of his matrimonial home by his ‘violent wife’.

Chesang’ only moved to the house at Moke Gardens in Lukenya when his wife Maisy Omungala, a magistrate, was transferred to Nyeri in December.

In court papers he filed for protection against domestic violence, Chesang’ alleged that he had been forced to move out of his house because his wife was violent and was using police officers to harass and intimidate him.

The case was later transferred to Machakos chief magistrate court after Chesang’ complained of lack of confidence in Athi River police and Mavoko Law Court. The court allowed him to access the house and pick his belongings.

The lawyer lived at Sandalwood Hotel between September and November last year.

In his affidavit, Chesang’ said; “From August 17 to date, I’ve lost all that I’ve acquired progressively since I started married life due to illegal actions of the respondents. I have technically lost the house, the cars, and all my earthly belongings.”

Chesang’ was arrested last year for assaulting his wife and charged at Mavoko Law Courts. His wife, in court papers, asked the court to protect her from her husband whom she claimed was violent.

Police investigating Chesang’s murder believes the death was linked to a business deal gone wrong.

According to the police, the lawyer was involved in many land transactions.

The police found his body in a pool of blood, with documents scattered everywhere in the living room. A laptop and books were also found at the scene.