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Why American actor Tyrese’s ex-wife Samantha Lee regrets divorce

Samantha Lee, former spouse of actor and American actor Tyrese Gibson, has opened up about her decision to divorce the star.

Lee disclosed that she might have reconsidered the dissolution of her marriage if she had received guidance from a supportive “pro-marriage community.”

She further admitted that reconciliation with Tyrese would be possible if both parties were willing to put in the effort.

The couple, who exchanged vows in February 2017, publicly announced their separation in December 2020.

During a podcast, Hardly Initiated interview, Lee revealed that external influences played a significant role in her choice to end her marriage and described herself as “emotionally intoxicated” at the time of her decision.

“It’s very important to seek wise counsel; you have to make a calculated decision based on your belief systems,” Lee said.

“I think we do take divorce very casually. I would never advise a woman to approach it in the same frame of mind that I had when I did it.”

Lee shared that she was in a state of emotional distress when she decided to end her marriage, recounting a tearful conversation with her attorney.

She acknowledged that making such a life-altering choice in such a vulnerable state was unwise.

“I would never advise somebody to make that decision when they’re that emotional, but of course, I wasn’t speaking to someone genuinely advocating for marriage or reconciliation,” Lee explained.

“That’s no criticism of my attorney, but at the time I was on the phone making that decision, I was furious. I was emotional. If that emotional state is misguided and misdirected, it can lead to a regrettable outcome.”

Lee admitted that, in her emotional turmoil, she fixated on the negative aspects of her marriage, failing to focus on the positive elements.

She expressed the desire for a support system consisting of “pro-marriage” advocates who could challenge her during moments of doubt.

“The people I had in my ear at the time were not in favor of reconciliation,” Lee said.

“The truth is, if I had different individuals guiding me during that period, I might not have made that decision. I’m an extremely emotional person. There are moments where I’d think, ‘I’m ready to be done, I can’t stand this! He doesn’t do this!’ We’re just honing in on these issues, and because you lack someone in your life to provide perspective, you’re not thinking about the strengths.”

Lee also expressed her belief that lawyers and court systems “win” in divorce cases, while families ultimately suffer.

“You don’t win when a family is torn apart,” Lee lamented, adding that legal professionals contributed to the acrimony in her divorce from Tyrese.

“There was a marital therapist who was counseling both of us, and he mentioned that involving lawyers makes things ugly. I didn’t even realize how ugly it would become. If I could turn back time, I sometimes wrestle with that, but at the time, I thought I was doing the right or best thing. I didn’t know how ugly it could get.”

Lee concluded by underscoring that even if individuals calm down after initiating divorce proceedings, the irreversible damage is done because they were unable to distance themselves from their emotions.

“The ability to step back from your emotions is crucial,” she noted, “because once you’ve filed for divorce, you’ve created an irreparable hole.”

Tyrese has since reacted to Lee’s interview.

He went live to address the comments made by his ex-wife, Samantha Lee Gibson, regarding their challenging divorce.

During his live session, he mentioned that Samantha had attempted to reconcile with him, but he declined because he is currently in a relationship with Zelie Timothy.

He described Samantha as a clout chaser, implying that she was trying to gain more followers on her social media.

He expressed his feelings about the way she left him, describing it as heartless and evil.

According to him, Samantha had not considered him, their marriage, or even their one-year-old child in her actions.

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