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Woman linked to Isis anthrax attack charged in Nairobi court

A woman suspected to be a member of Isis has been charged in a Nairobi court with helping the terror network identify potential targets in the country.

Ms Nuseibah Mohammed, alias Ummu Fidaa is linked with a plan to stage a biological terror attack in Kenya using Anthrax.

The  medical student faced three charges at the Milimani law courts on Monday.

She is alleged to be a member of the Islamic State and was found in possession of articles connected with the commission of terrorism. She is also accused of soliciting support for the terror network on Social media platforms.

The charges carry mandatory penalties of 70 years behind bars.

Ms Mohammed is a holder of a Kenyan passport and her husband is a medic currently detained for investigations over the same planned attack.


Her husband, Mr Mohammed Abdi Ali, alias Abu Fidaa, has reportedly entered a plea bargain with the prosecution and is expected to make a court appearance on June 9.

The prosecution said that between January 1, 2015 and May 1, 2016,  Ms Mohammed “offered logistical support for Isis, including advising the terror network on potential targets in the country and referring recruits to Isis.”

It is suspected that the she ran an expansive online data-bank of recruits jointly with others not before court.

On Monday, prosecution said investigations had shifted to national carrier Kenya Airways where some staff are believed to be accomplices in the planned attack.

The KQ staff may be charged with helping the woman.

“At the time of her arrest, the accused had a KQ plane ticket number TKT07062487 488800 whose destination indicated that she intended to travel to Kigali, Rwanda,” Mr Duncan Ondimu said.


The prosecutor said that investigations have so far have pointed to a “possible interference with KQ systems and those found culpable with be charged in court.”

He said that the suspect’s entry to Kenya was recorded by the PICES immigration system as at 17:29:05 hours on May 5.

Ms Mohammed was arrested on May 1 at the Entebbe International Airport in Uganda and later brought to Kenya.

Her husband is under arrest and has been detained for 30 days with a mention set for June 9 when he is expected to be charged.

‘The evidence so far analysed connect the accused and her associate to the commission of several terrorism and related offences and there are more suspect still on the run,” the prosecutor said.


Warrants of arrest are already out against two other associates linked with the suspect, Mr Ondimu said.

“They were on the planning stages of a terror attack and were mobilising funds to fulfill their evil motive,” said the prosecutor who has opposed the release of the suspect on bond.

The court heard that United States’  Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is involved in the investigations and that information indicate there is a likelihood of interference with the custody of the suspect while in prison.

She is being detained at the the Anti-Terro Police Unit (ATPU) headquarters till June 8 when the court will hear her plea for bond.