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Yet another Kenyan stranded in Saudi hospital after employer brutality

A family in Njoro sub county, Nakuru, wants the government to intervene and bring back their daughter who is stranded in a hospital in Saudi Arabia with serious leg injuries.

Joyce Wanjiku is said to have fallen down a staircase at her employer’s house last month.

The mother of an eight year old boy left for the Middle East on August 14, 2014, to work as a house keeper.

Her elder sister Lucy Wamaitha told Nation she received a phone call on February 18 from the Kenyan embassy in Riyadh informing her that her sister was hurt and needed money to undergo urgent surgery.

“I was told Shiku was in Shemeshi Hospital and that she had slipped on a slippery floor before she went tumbling down the stairs at her employer’s house,” Ms Wamaitha said.

However, when the family called on their sister to elaborate on her condition, she quickly dismissed the question and asked to be brought back home.


Ms Wamaitha said her sister had run away from her first employer after she was mistreated. The employer had confiscated her travel documents making it hard for her to return home.

She said the current employer could not help her sister because being her second employer exempts them from any responsibility over mS Wanjiku.

Photos sent to Ms Wamaitha via WhatsApp show an open wound on Ms Wanjiku’s right leg, while the left leg has been plastered.

The Nation listened in on a conversation between the two, with Ms Wanjiku crying to be returned home.

Her father Jackson Ndung’u said he feared the wound on his daughter’s leg could result in death.


“The doctors are not taking care of her because her leg is rotting and could be amputated,” he said wiping away tears.

“I’d rather see her alive and lame than dead.”

Mr Ndung’u said he was ready to sell his two cows and everything he owned to get medical assistance to his daughter.

Efforts by the family to get assistance from the immigration office have not bore fruits.

“We went to the foreign affairs office at the deportation department on March 23. They said they would look into the matter but we have not gotten any response from them since,” Ms Wamaitha said.