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Young DJ impresses with homemade turntable – VIDEO

A young and upcoming DJ has become the talk of the town after using cardboards and knobs to build a turntable and mixer.

Paul Mwangi aka Dj Boboss last week left judges awestruck during the Twaweza live audition with his unique performance.

“My life has really changed, this week I have already started doing shows, for now I am just performing on the streets but the reaction from people is overwhelming. I am touring the mount Kenya area performing anywhere I can, I hope to get better decks so I can take my deejaying career to another level,” DJ Boboss told Nairobi News.

In the deejaying world, do it yourself (DIY) equipment are becoming the in thing. But that is happening abroad.


German electronic DJs Symbiz has become a global sensation touring the world with their Abletone DIY gear nicknamed Ctrlr One and Ctrlr Two.

The self-taught electrician has been playing with electric appliances from a very young age.

It took about four trials to get to the current edition of his Dj deck and mixer but he has kept at it.

The 20-year-old has since then made several media appearances thrilling fans with his DIY DJ gear.

DJ Boboss says he started the self-taught engineering in Class Three.

“I dismantled my father’s radio out of curiosity. I actually accidentally cut a wire but I somehow figured out a way of fixing it,” he recalls.

He says before the Twaweza auditions, he did not take deejaying seriously.

“I am an artiste so I had made this machines so I can mix own songs at shows. But now I am taking it seriously, my dream us to get real DJ decks and get bigger shows but I plan to combine them with my own because people seem to love them,” he says.