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10 strongest African passports

A passport is a travel document required for one to move from one country to another.

That said, passports are not the same.

The strength of a passport is determined by the traveling degree it gives its citizens.

In the world, Japan boasts of having the strongest passport with Afghanistan having the weakest.

Here’s a list of African countries that have the strongest passports on the continent.

1. Seychelles – The Island in the Indian Ocean has the most powerful passport in Africa. It gives its citizens an opportunity to visit over 151 visa-free countries.

2. Mauritius– It is an island nation in the Indian Ocean that is popular for its beaches and lagoons. The Mauritanian passport offers visa-free or visa on arrival to 146 destinations; 111 Visa-free, 20 visas on arrival, and 23 e-visas.

3. South Africa– Travelers with the South African passport have the freedom of touring as many as 103 countries; 64 Visa-free and 39 on arrival. In the world ranking, it occupies the 53rd position.

4. Botswana– It is a landlocked country located in the South of Africa and holds the 4th most powerful passport in Africa. The passport holders can travel to 61 nations visa-free, 27 countries get e-visas for 11 countries.

5. Namibia– The southern Africa-based nation with a population of over 2 million people can offer visa-free or visa on arrival to 76 different destinations around the world. The Namibian passport is ranked as the 67th strongest passport in the world.

6. Lesotho– Lesotho is an enclaved nation within the borders of South Africa. Lesotho passport holders can tour 52 countries visa-free, 26 nations on arrival, and get an e-visa for 13 countries.

7. Eswatini– The nation best known as Swaziland allows its citizens to travel to 45 nations without a visa, 19 on arrival, and up to 16 e-visas.

8. Malawi– Malawi is based in the Southeast of Africa with a population of over 18 million. Its passport permits its citizens to tour 72 countries without a visa with 40 nations visa-free, 20 countries visa on arrival, and 17 e-visas.

9. Kenya– Kenyan passport holders have the privilege of visiting 71 countries around the world visa-free. Of the 71 nations, a Kenyan can visit 42 countries without a visa, 24 visas on arrival, and 15 e-visa

10. Zambia– The landlocked country based in the Southcentral of Africa allow its passport holders to travel to 49 countries Visa-free, has visa on arrival for 23 countries, and can get e-visas for 12 nations.