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General Malong to sue people linking him to millionaire playboy

By NYABOGA KIAGE October 15th, 2018 2 min read

Former South Sudanese Chief of Staff General Paul Malong has threatened to sue those linking a man seen on video bragging about his wealth to his family.

Appearing on Jeff Koinange Live, General Malong said he will sue those referring to Lual Malong Yor Jnr as his son.

“Today I found the people who said that Malong is my son and I’m going to sue them,” said the General

During the interview, General Malong sat next to Malong Yor Jnr and the latter denied being related to the General.

Asked by Mr Koinange if even people in South Sudan are aware that they are not related they both agreed.

“Everybody knows, yeah everybody knows that,” answered Mr Malong Jnr.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, Malong Yor Jnr brags of wearing a Sh 1 million shoe and how he rides in a private jet and sleeps in a presidential suite at Serena Hotel.

General Malong, who appears to know the family of Mr Malong Jnr well, narrated that they come from different geographical areas in South Sudan.


He said that the grandfather of Mr Malong is a well-known chief in South Sudan.

Malong Jnr introduced his father as Malong Yor Snr and said those calling him the step-son of the General are abusing him.

“I always deny, I am not his son when you call me his son you are abusing me,” he said.

Tasked to explain where he got his money from, Malong Jnr said that he got his salary from “My Lord Jesus Christ.”

The General has been the talk of the town since a documentary by Africa Uncensored titled The Profiteers about his wealth and sanctions against him went viral.

In the video, Malong Jnr is seen swimming in dollar notes where he introduces himself as the youngest billionaire in Africa.