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Jeff Koinange takes a beating from KOT unimpressed by interview

By NYABOGA KIAGE October 15th, 2018 1 min read

Kenyans on Twitter have hit on Citizen TV anchor Jeff Koinange for hosting former South Sudanese Chief of Staff General Paul Malong on his show.

The General appeared on the Jeff Koinange Live show just days after a documentary had linked him to plunder in South Sudan’s government.

During the interview, the General said that he could have been guilty only if he sold military equipment to make money.

General Malong, also denied that millionaire playboy Malong Yor Jnr is his son.

These are some of the reactions from Kenyans;

DavyKN.‏ @IDayvie; “Once upon a time Citizen TV was great. Whatever happened only Githeri Man can explain #SundayLive #JeffKoinange #Malong and expect more from the leading broadcaster.”


Betty Waitherero? Baby Hippo‏ @DoItBetty; “At this rate it would be an absolute shame if Jeff Koinange didn’t do advertisements for panga soap.”

Tirati‏ @DonTirati; ” Jeff Koinange is everything that’s bad in this country. He is in the habit of using his show to cleanse criminals and everyone corrupt.This guy makes us look like fools. Next Sunday leta Jowie ajitetee. Shame!”

Mahenia Sam‏ @MaheniaSam; “This is how stupid journalism looks. @johnallannamu took months, travelled thousands of kms and prepared a 1hr 10 mins investigative piece. Then dyed hair Jeff Koinange seats under a tree with the masterminds cleansing them in a 10 mins interview #sic Shame on you #SundayLive.”

Karen.‏ @KarenOmollo; “Jeff Koinange that was some mad laundry skills right there, you guy!!”

Others were in praise:

Gordon opiyo‏ @opijah; “Three Sides of a Coin I watched Jeff Koinange, and appreciated the value of listening to all sides of a story before passing judgment.”