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Airbase MCA Fuad Hussein hits out at ward brokers

By Mercy Simiyu January 19th, 2023 2 min read

Airbase MCA Fuad Hussein has vowed to protect investors from brokers who hinder their efforts to develop the country.

Fuad accused swindlers posing as Nairobi County Government officials of colluding to rob the city’s developers.

He threatened to expose a more sophisticated system of con artists who have been demanding “protection fees” from members of the Somali community doing business in the country.

His sentiments come after reports emerged that a ring of fraudsters in Nairobi conspired to extort him following his strong stance against corruption.

In an intriguing twist, suspected fraudsters have threatened to blow up the internet by uploading a video where Fuad was reportedly captured intimidating a person who claims to work in the Nairobi county government.

The video insinuates that Fuad threatened the unidentified man with sexual assault.

People with knowledge of the situation, however, have dismissed the claims as baseless, insisting that the video was doctored by a scammer who wants to extort money from the MCA.

The latest records obtained from the police show that the suspect has a case in court after allegedly defrauding a man of Sh20,000.

Sources say that he repeatedly called Fuad and threatened to make the video go viral if his demands were not met.

According to reports, the said fraudster is intent on creating an impression that Fuad has been involved in illegal activities and is trying to silence county employees from performing their duties.

Residents of the Airbase have criticized the creators of the controversial video, accusing them of managing a well-coordinated campaign to defame their leader who has enjoyed an unblemished record of integrity since assuming office.

They have warned rogue criminals to stop capitalizing on baseless claims in an attempt to make ends meet with fraudulent proceeds.

The residents said they were worried that the propaganda being spread against Fuad would hurt his reputation.

Fuad, who is known for his gentleness and courtesy, has said that the video in question was edited to portray him negatively by people who are upset with his efforts to protect the rights of voters.

The MCA has denied widespread reports that he is considering attacking an individual.

He has vowed to continue defending his community from powerful individuals who seek to reap what they have not sown.

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