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Kenyans surpass the #1MilliforJadudi target and raise Sh6 million

Emmanuel Otieno popularly known as Jadudi is now a happy man as two days after a financial appeal was launched online for his brain cancer treatment in India, contributions have by far surpassed the Sh 1 million mark.

The funds drive that was only meant to raise Sh 1 million by Saturday was officially closed on Thursday morning through a post by blogger Biko Zulu who launched it on Tuesday after contributions totaled over Sh 6 million.

Jadudi was introduced to Kenyans by Biko whose article titled, That thing in Jadudi’s head was published on Tuesday and went viral resulting to a top twitter trend #1MilliforJadudi.

In the article the blogger painted an image of the struggle of the University of Nairobi student with a brain tumor and how his civil servant parents have gone to all extends of loaning money for his treatment.

Six hours after the article was published, Zawadi Nyong’o CEO Africa Cancer Foundation, the organization that was managing the paybill account, called Biko to break the most awaited news that contributions had hit the Sh1 million target.


On Wednesday afternoon about 18 hours after the story was published Ms Nyong’o called a now elated Biko and informed him that contributions were at Sh5 million.

Biko took to his blog early Thursday morning to thank Kenyans for their contribution while updating them that the Jadudi paybill number had received Sh 6,111,338 by 9am Thursday.

The blogger went on to describe how he never got a single negative comment on his blog about the article adding that people kept calling him to ask how else they could help with some opting to write cheques.

He added that he made a call to Wanjiku Mugo of Kenya Airways requesting for the airline that has been experiencing hard times to bail Jadudi and his mother out in terms of transport.

“Winnie Onyach from Kenya Airways confirmed that they will be taking care of Jadudi and his mom’s travel to India when they sign the necessary papers,” wrote Biko in his thank you article titled Ero’kamano.

Biko went on to give a breakdown on how the funds will be disbursed stating that Sh 1 million will be transferred to Jadudi’s account and the rest of the amount deposited in a sub account that Africa Cancer Foundation Trustees plan to create after which disbursement strategy will be discussed between Jadudi, his parents and lawyers.