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7 image types that Gemini AI App has blacklisted

In the digital age, the advent of generative AI models has ushered in a new era of creativity and exploration.

However, with great power comes great responsibility, and the creators of the Gemini AI App are keenly aware of the need to ensure its responsible and ethical usage.

One of the standout features of Gemini App is its image generation capability. Users can easily generate images to complement their written content.

To this end, the app has implemented a stringent Prohibited Use Policy to safeguard against misuse and abuse.

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Outlined below are the key reasons that may prompt the removal of photos generated by the Gemini AI App, under its Prohibited Use Policy.

1. Illegal Activities: The app strictly prohibits the promotion or facilitation of illegal activities, including but not limited to child sexual abuse or exploitation, sale of illegal substances, and distribution of terrorist content.

2. Harmful Behavior: Photos that promote harm, harassment, bullying, violence, or self-harm are not tolerated. This includes content that encourages hatred, intimidation, or abuse towards individuals or groups.

3. Deceptive Practices: The app prohibits the generation of content intended for deceptive or fraudulent activities, such as scams, phishing, or malware distribution. Additionally, users must not attempt to misrepresent the origin of generated content or impersonate individuals without explicit disclosure.

4. Privacy Violations: Generating personally identifying information or tracking individuals without their consent is strictly forbidden. The app prioritizes the protection of privacy and confidentiality.

5. Unfair or Adverse Impacts: Content generated by the app must not have unfair or adverse impacts on individuals, particularly those related to sensitive or protected characteristics. Discriminatory or harmful content is not tolerated.

6. Misinformation: The app prohibits the generation and distribution of content intended to misinform, misrepresent, or mislead others. This includes making misleading claims of expertise or capability, particularly in sensitive areas such as health or finance.

7. Sexually Explicit Content: The app does not condone the generation of sexually explicit content for the purposes of pornography or sexual gratification. However, content created for scientific, educational, documentary, or artistic purposes is exempt from this prohibition.