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8 children pay heartfelt tribute to late legendary dad Michael Oyier

Kenya lost a legendary broadcast journalist, Michael Odhiambo Oyier, on April 20, 2024. He died due to complications occasioned by a stroke he suffered on April 18, 2024.

On May 1, 2024, as Kenyans were led in celebrating Labor Day, the Oyier family and their relatives held a memorial service where they remembered and mourned the loss of a prolific journalist who touched lives beyond the television screen. He was also known to provide mentorship in secondary schools back in the day.

Born on June 21, 1975, he was the second born of six children. According to his obituary in Nairobi News’ possession, coming from a large family seemed to ‘flow in his blood’ as he went on to have many of his own children.

He married Dinah Nasimiyu Kituyi whom he affectionately called ‘Hot Chick’ and together, they went on to have eight children namely Betty Kimosh, Mercy Nambo, Lena Nasimiyu, Lyn Aduma, Abigail Auma Oyier, Israel Kisaingu, Israelle Mutinfa and Davis Odero Oyier.

Dinah Oyier Spouse to the late journalist Michael Oyier
Dinah Oyier Spouse to the late journalist Michael Oyier speaks during the requiem mass held on May 1, 2024, at All Saints Cathedral. PHOTO| BILLY OGADA

Below are some tributes from the late Oyier’s children:

“There is a difference between the word father and dad. You came into my life and made my life a whole new experience.

You didn’t give me a gift of life but sure made my life better and happier, the bond we had was an exceptional one. I will miss you so much, but those special memories will always remain and will always bring a smile and comfort to my heart and my face.

What I will miss the most is how we used to make fun of Mom calling her “your hoho wife”. You, taught me how to walk in heels like a pro, unfortunately, I never got it.

You taught me about the importance of keeping time, and I am trying to follow the steps you gave me on how to recognize a gentleman,” said Betty Kimosh in part.

On her part, Mercy Nambo said, “There are fathers by blood, and then there are fathers by choice. You, Dad, were undeniably the latter, the love you gave me was no less powerful or profound.

When we first met you didn’t see a stranger, you saw a daughter who needed a safe haven and a complete family. You didn’t hesitate to fill the gaps in my life and pick up the father role, becoming the pillar of strength and guidance I craved.

You wore the Dad badge with so much pride and honour…You weren’t just a father, Dad, you were a force of nature, and your influence will forever shape who we are. Dad, it feels dimmer without your light and bright smile.”

Ms Lyn Aduma said, “The moments we shared my dad was a kind and loving person and although his journey on this earth has ended, I pray that the angels of Heaven have greeted him and taken him to be with our eternal Father.”

In her emotional tribute, Ms Abigail Oyier said in part, “I don’t even know where to start. I have been with you basically my whole life, it felt like you were the only one who actually understood me. You helped me through tough times, taught me the tough reality and were always plain with me no matter how much it may hurt me.

I don’t want it to be a typical tribute because you were anything but typical, you were a man of morals, generosity and caring…I truly thank God for everything we did together, I thank him for the long road trips to Homa Bay, I thank him for the various moves and activities we did, I thank him for the Sundays I spent with you as a baby, I really thank him for all the laughs I had with you and moments where it was nothing but happiness.

Dad, I know you wouldn’t have wanted to go so suddenly, in so much pain. I can’t imagine the thoughts you were having in that hospital bed, but your time came.

The stress and pain you were going through must have been unbearable. I could see it in your eyes that you were lost. I wasn’t able to do anything, because you had Mom. A wife that loved you so so so much and you knew that I know you wouldn’t have wanted to leave her in that room alone without hearing your jokes every minute or your comforting wisdom. Hearing you guys laugh in your room always brought joy to me. Knowing that you had finally found the love of your life…Till Judgement Day, I love you Dad and I really hope to see you again…Tears of love, your daughter.”

From Ms Mutinda, she said, “I will miss playing football with you and making breakfast together. Remember when we surprised Dinah on her birthday? That was fun! Thank you for helping me with my homework and playing hide and seek. I loved going to the malls with you, trying out new restaurants, and all the yummy food we ate together. I’ll miss your hugs, kisses, and hearing you say “I love you.” Baba, though you are no longer here, you will live on forever and ever in my heart. I love you, Baba.”

“My Baba is like a lion, he is fearless and courageous like no other man. He loved me, cared for me and taught me like a proper father. Even though we had some ups and downs, he still loved me. He was the leader of our family. I really enjoyed the family football sessions and will dearly miss his playing with him. There are not enough words to describe how important my father was to me. He was a powerful influence and will continue to be. I love you baba,” said Mr Kisaingu.

From his young son, Davis Oyier, he said, “Baba gave me life, carried me on his shoulders, taught me many things including how to ride my bicycle, he held me, he hugged me, he kissed me and told me he loved me every day. I loved spending time with my Dad. I will miss the pick-ups from school, and the early Saturday swimming training and playing family football.

I remember how my dad would remind me of some of the times I had gotten hurt and we would start laughing. I loved going for the morning walks with you and Thamani, and after the walk, we would go eat breakfast and I always used to sit on your lap.

Please never forget that I loved you because you were always there for me. I really loved our trips to Homa Bay, it was so much fun. I liked it when we did holy communion with everyone. I miss you and I love you. I hope you are with Grandma and Grandpa in heaven.”

A burial service and ceremony for Oyier is expected to be held on May 3, 2024, at his home in Kanyada Katuma, Homa Bay County.

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