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8 reasons to get her out of the friend zone this weekend

You know her, that woman who you get along with like wild fire but who is just a friend. That woman who you like immensely but who for some reason you have told that she is like a sister to you. Here is a look into reasons you should consider removing her from the friend zone;

1. If she is committed – I am not talking about in commitment in the sense that this woman is ready to walk down the aisle with you and have your babies. I am talking about her being committed to your friendship and to your interaction. A loyal woman is hard to come by. Maybe it is time you started thinking about her as more than just a friend.

2. She is funny – If you get along with a woman and she also can make you laugh, you should hold onto her. If she can make you laugh, she can help you through the hardest of times.

3. She is confident – If this woman is confident of her abilities, if she wants you but she doesn’t need you in her life, then you should keep her. This is because you can be sure that she isn’t after anything but your heart.

4. You can be yourself around her – If you can be comfortable around this woman, if you can be yourself without feeling the need to put up any appearances, you should remove her from the friend zone.

5. She loves every quirk that your ex hated – At the beginning of a relationship, those annoying quirks can seem bearable. Eventually though, they can wear down a relationship. Think about your quirks, especially the ones that your ex hated. Does this woman love them? You should date her.

6. She doesn’t judge you – Have you been able to bare your heart to this woman without her judging you? Yes? You should take that friendship to the next level.

7. She gets along with your mother – I know that for a man, the relationship he has with his mother is the most important one. If you like this woman and she gets along well with your mother, make her yours.

8. She is genuine – This is another trait that is very hard to come by in women these days. If you have spent time with this woman and you are sure that what you see is what you get with her, make her your romantic partner.