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Afande Cele: Meet the fit lady cop who has set tongues wagging on social media – PHOTOS/VIDEO

Praxides Mushira is a 32-year old police officer who is also a fitness enthusiast.

Mushira, who is attached to the National Disaster Management Unit, is popular on Facebook and football circles where she goes by the name “Afande Cele.”

Nairobi News caught up with the fit cop recently during one of her training sessions at a popular gym in the CBD and sought to find out more about her and her love for fitness.

Tell us more about yourself in a nutshell

I am a police officer working at the Police Headquarters in Nairobi specifically with the National Disaster Management Unit. However, most people only know me as Afande Cele. Away from my professional career, I am so much into personal fitness and I love sports especially football. Locally I support Bandari FC while internationally I am a staunch Manchester United fan.

How did you get into the National Police Service?

My dad worked with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and I used to admire him. I liked checking out his photos while dressed in the official KWS attire in our family album and vowed to emulate him. In June 2007 there was police recruitment in Kakamega and I was successfully recruited into Kenya Police Service, now known as the National Police Service. It was the happiest day of my life when I received my confirmation letter.

How have you maintained your shape and fitness 13 years down the line after joining the service?

The initial recruit training course in Kiganjo is very vigorous and involves a lot of physical training. You are always on the move while at Kiganjo but after graduation then it becomes a personal choice and decision. Most officers relax and focus on work but for me, training has always been a hobby since I was young and therefore I have never found it a hard thing to do since I enjoy the process.

How did you fall in love with football?

I come from Western Kenya where there is massive love for the game even at the village-level. Most of my friends while growing up were boys and we would meet for evening kickabouts after school and that is how I was introduced to the game. I was also in the high school football team and it is a passion for the game that I carry to date.

Praxides Mushira Jumba alias Afande Cele in her daily gym sessions at PentHouse Gymnasium and Health Centre in Nairobi on March 19 2020 during an interview. PHOTO|SILA KIPLAGAT

Why do you support Bandari?

After graduating from Police College I was posted to Mwingi and there’s little football activity over there. I was later transferred to Mombasa in 2012 and was stationed at the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA). The football pitch is just around and I could see Bandari training every day, I started interacting with them and they became my close friends. I watched all their home matches while in Mombasa and I got attached to the team to date.

Who has had the biggest influence on your life so far?

That has to be my mother, Rebecca Khamasi She is a retired teacher and she really emphasized discipline. She is really famous back in Kakamega County and I will never want to let her down. She keeps me in check and has shaped me into who I am at the moment.

Praxides Mushira Jumba alias Afande Cele in her daily gym sessions at PentHouse Gymnasium and Health Centre in Nairobi on March 19 2020 during an interview. PHOTO|SILA KIPLAGAT

Describe your typical day

I am currently taking German lessons so I am in class from 6:30 AM to 9 AM and after that, I go to work until 4:30 PM. From 5 PM to 7:30 PM I’m in the gym. That is my schedule for weekdays. Over the weekends I normally watch and play football.

What’s your advice to young people who wish to join the National Police Service?

It is a job like any other that has its ups and downs. The perception that police officers are academic dwarfs is misguided. We have very many graduates in the police force who enjoy their job and my advice to any young person who wants to join the police force would be – go for it. As long as you love what you are doing you will always be happy.