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Africa Women Innovation Forum (AWIEF) issues scam alert

The Africa Women Innovation Forum (AWIEF), a prominent organization dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs across the continent, has issued a scam alert warning users about a fraudulent scheme targeting unsuspecting individuals.

The scam, which involves phishing for personal information and potentially hacking users who fall victim to the ploy, has raised concerns about the security of the organization’s community.

AWIEF, with a mission to foster women’s economic inclusion, advancement, and empowerment through entrepreneurship support and development, is renowned for its commitment to creating an inclusive and thriving Africa.

The organization envisions a continent where women-owned businesses are empowered to create and grow high-impact and sustainable enterprises, contributing significantly to Africa’s GDP and overall economic growth.

In response to the reported scam, AWIEF released a statement cautioning its community members and the public at large.

The fraudulent message circulating claims to be related to an AWIEF “Grant,” luring recipients with the promise of financial assistance.

The hackers behind the scheme employ deceptive tactics, urging users to click on a link to provide their personal information in exchange for the supposed grant.

AWIEF, distancing itself from the scam, clarified in its statement, “We have received reports of a scam message being circulated about an AWIEF ‘Grant.’

Please be aware that this is not in any way a communication from AWIEF. Kindly refrain from acting on, disclosing information, or forwarding the message. Thank you for your attention to this matter.”

The warning serves as a crucial reminder for individuals to exercise caution and vigilance when receiving unsolicited messages or requests for personal information, especially when related to financial transactions or grants.

As scams continue to evolve, organizations like AWIEF play a vital role in alerting the public to potential threats and safeguarding the integrity of their mission.

AWIEF encourages its members and the wider community to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity directly to the organization.

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