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Celebrities who criticised Ruto’s administration in 2023

By Wangu Kanuri December 30th, 2023 3 min read

In the arena of Kenyan politics, the voices of celebrities hold a unique sway.

In 2023, a wave of well-known figures stepped into the spotlight, not to entertain, but to challenge and critique the leadership of President William Ruto’s administration.

With their influential platforms, these stars have transcended the realms of music, short skits, and social media to become vocal advocates for change, questioning policies and decisions at the highest levels of government.

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From scathing lyrics to pointed social media posts, these celebrities are not just observers of the political scene; they are shaping it with their words and influence.

Here’s a look at those who have taken a stand against the current administration, proving that their roles in society extend far beyond their artistic endeavors;

Huddah Monroe

In September, renowned social media influencer and entrepreneur Huddah Monroe took a dramatic turn from her previous stance, withdrawing her longstanding support for President Ruto.

In a forthright and unreserved declaration, she labeled Ruto as Kenya’s worst president, voicing deep worries over the nation’s economic condition during his tenure.

This critical viewpoint emerged amid escalating fuel prices and the increasing cost of necessities in Kenya. “Ruto will be the worst president Kenya has ever seen,” she wrote on her Instagram stories.


Timothy Kimani, better known as Njugush, has consistently used his social media skits to critique the government for Kenya’s steep cost of living. He humorously addresses the burden of high prices for food, electricity, education (despite government claims of it being free), and medical care.

His satirical approach also targets the government for soaring fuel prices and the introduction of additional taxes on essentials like housing, highlighting the strain on Kenyans grappling with unemployment and an escalating cost of living.


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Furthermore, Njugush has pointedly criticized President Ruto’s administration for its claim of uplifting the economically disadvantaged, while in reality appointing seasoned politicians to high-ranking government roles.

He underscores the irony of creating new positions for these individuals amidst an era of significant inflation, borne by taxpayers.


In his post on X, George Muigai popularly known as Madtraxx openly criticized President Ruto saying that he was intentionally oppressing the country.

He tweeted, “Ruto is oppressing the country on purpose. He wants an illegal attempt on the office, and that will justify his dictatorship. I pray we don’t fall for it.”

However, he later suggested that for the country to succeed Kenyans need to pray and encourage the Head of State.

“As much as I am not a Ruto supporter I must say this. The only way this country will succeed is if we encourage our president and pray for him. As Kenyans, we will adapt to whatever comes. And from history, we’ve learned that Kenyans come out the other side in one piece, IN PEACE!”

Khaligraph Jones

Exactly five months ago, renowned rapper Brian Ouko aka Khaligraph Jones released his song Minimal Pressure. In the hit song, he hit out at President Ruto’s bottom-up economic strategy asserting that it backfired.

He rapped, “Whoever guessed mungerambwa na economy ya bottom up.” He also openly criticized content creators Eddie Butita and comedian Njugush for allegedly meeting up with the Head of State to discuss taxation on their earnings.

“When you’re making boss moves, the last thing you wanna do is engage in little beefs… Eastlando sahii ni kama Karen tu… Magold digger wanalima na jembe, celebrity wanapiga matembe, era tuko no ya manuks za kutisha, CBC agenda inakuwa pushed through the teacher na uki oppose unaitwa state House unaekelewa mikono ka Njugush na Butita, pia mi nangoja invitation, coz I’m not fighting from the nation, juu mkiambiwa hamsikiangi.”