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Daddy Owen reacts to Charlene Ruto ‘engagement’

By Rajab Zawadi December 31st, 2023 2 min read

Gospel singer Owen Mwaita, popularly known as Daddy Owen in entertainment circles, has remained coy on recent reports indicating he is close to President William Ruto’s daughter Charlene.

The report, which was exclusively shared on this website, elicited an online storm.

The report indicated the popular musician, known for hits such as Wewe ni Mungu, Mbona, and Vanity, recently held an introductory ceremony in which he introduced Charlene, who is the Head of State’s third-born child, to his mother.

With the musician’s father now deceased, it was reported that an introduction ceremony was held on December 23, 2023, in Eshifiru, Kakamega County, where Charlene Ruto met Owen’s surviving parent namely Margaret Mwatia.

Daddy Owen lost his dad in 2017.

Despite multiple sources confirming the ceremony, Daddy Owens has elected to remain cagey.

“Let’s not go there, I understand people are inquisitive I have been in this industry for 20 years so I get it but doesn’t mean every time I am spotted with someone it means something is going on,” he explained.

Despite the laid-back approach to the stance, reports that the two are too close for comfort have been making the rounds in recent times as they have been spotted at several events.

When the question was put to Daddy Owen in November 2023, the singer insisted that he and Charlene were indeed good close friends and that there is nothing more between them other than the charity projects they have been engaging in.

When the news of the possible union hit the airwaves, a majority of online users greeted it with excitement.

Daddy Owen has nursed heartbreak since 2020 when his ex-wife Faridah Wambui reportedly walked out on her marriage after he encountered financial challenges.

It was reported at the time that Ms Wambui later walked into the waiting arms of a rich tycoon after she grew tired of supporting him.

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