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Kwani kunaendaje! Four celebrities who opened up on financial challenges

By Winnie Onyando December 31st, 2023 2 min read

In the realm of Kenyan celebrities, the perception of wealth often overshadows the hidden struggles faced by some well-known figures.

A recent shift in the celebrity landscape has brought to light the financial difficulties of individuals who have sought help through social media.

Here are the stories of four celebrities navigating tough times:

Atommy Sifa

Benga musician Atommy Sifa reached out to his fans and fellow Kenyans for support.

Expressing the need for approximately Sh500,000 to revive his passion for music, the singer disclosed the challenges he faces while emphasising, “Life has been so tough. I am just farming here in the village. I have pleaded with my fellow artists to support me, but none have heard my plea. I am a total orphan.”

Omosh (Joseph Kinuthia)

Former Tahidi High actor Omosh, a father of five, pleaded with Kenyans and his fans for assistance.

Facing eviction over rent arrears exceeding Sh100,000, Omosh shared the emotional toll of his situation, stating, “After I left Tahidi High, I have been surviving through friends and neighbors. I have nothing to do.”

Simple Boy (Stevo)

In June of this year, Steve Simple Boy’s wife, Grace Atieno, appealed for financial help from the public.

Grace revealed that Stevo was facing a financial crisis, preventing him from releasing new music. She emotionally expressed, “He is going through a lot, and he is afraid of talking it out.”

Kaveve Kazoze Gang

The Kaveve Kazoze hitmakers pleaded for financial aid after claiming that Mike Sonko failed to fulfill his promise.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the profits from their song, the group explained, “When it reached 4 million views, that’s when we realized it wasn’t making much money. People say we have money from the song, but it gave us fame; the name is big, but there is no money.”

These stories reveal the human side of celebrities, emphasizing the challenges they face beyond the spotlight.

As they open up about their struggles, these individuals call upon the support and empathy of the Kenyan community to help them overcome their financial hardships.

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