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Aisha Jumwa opens up on divorce

Aisha Jumwa, the Malindi lawmaker, has opened up on her experience as a successful politician with a failed marriage.
In an interview with NTV, the mother of three opened up on how her marriage crumbled at the time her political career blossomed.
“My ex-husband said he could not have a wife who was a politician,” she explained.
But Jumwa, who switched his political affiliation from opposition leader Raila Odinga to Deputy President William Ruto a few years ago, also dismissed claims her separation was linked to her change of status in the society.
“There is no way I could kill my (political) career (because of my marriage), so we divorced.”
“I’m not answerable to any man even though people say I’m the one who left him.”
Jumwa also hinted that she has a man in her life.
“Do I look like someone without a man?’ she posed.
‘There is a difference between having a husband and having a man. I’m not married but I have a man.”
Jumwa is known for advocating for empowerment among women with the famous saying that behind a successful woman is herself.
“Forget the narrative that behind every successful woman is a man,” she echoed in a political rally sometime back.