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Akorino model apologises after sharing photos in a swimming pool

February 21st, 2019 2 min read

Popular akorino model Pesh Kenya has been forced to apologise after sharing pictures of herself in a swimsuit.

Pesh, who is also nicknamed the stylish Akorino, shared the photos capturing her wearing a black knee-length swim jumpsuit.

Although her pool attire is not as revealing as most people would opt for a two-piece bikini, this, however, did not stop a section of Kenyans on Twitter to chastise her for parading herself ‘naked’.

Akorino is a religious group mainly found among the Agikuyu tribe. The word Mukurino is said to mean who is the deliverer (Jesus)?

It is for this simple reason that many would have expected her to be more “reserved”.

“I would like to apologize to anyone who might have been offended by any images posted on my social media pages. I believe that people can express themselves in very many ways and still have their morals intact,” tweeted Pesh.

She added: “The images shared were innocent but the conversation that a raised from them DON’T match with what I stand for as a young Akorino lady. Thanks for your support and I wish you all a lovely week.”

The pictures Pesh apologised over. PHOTOS | COURTESY/TWITTER

Her apology divided opinion on social media as netizens took opposite sides.

Phyllis Mugi said, “You owe nobody an apology for doing what you feel is right and like!”

Mulladih wrote, “Do you take your showers in clothes? Shouldn’t be victimised for swimming costumes.”

Tkay commented, “Pesh guys will always talk, pls live your life, you can’t please everyone. Do you gal.”

Qneyt asked, “Some of us were offended because you wasted our bundles. Hizo ni nini ulikuwa umevaa sasa. Kwani ulikuwa waenda jogging kwa maji?”

Peter Pete said, “Whoever took offense in those pics needs prayers.”

Idlesignalnyanusi said, “Bora kilemba ilikuwa intact, huko kwingine waambie watuachie tujudge.”

Kev muller wrote, “It all starts like this, and before you know it… you’ll be apologizing for almost everything. Live your Life Girl.”

Dennis Gwaro said, “No one is offended Pesh. Upload more them. We deserve all the happiness the world can offer.”