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Alfred Mutua: I’ve worked hard for everything I own

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has appeared to indirectly comment on the property tussle with ex-girlfriend Lillian Nganga, by suggesting he’s had to work very hard to get to where he is today.

Mutua on Monday suffered a setback when the court ruled against transferring a property dispute case involving him and Nganga from Nairobi to Machakos. The politician had argued that the case should be heard in Machakos, where he happens to be the governor because that is where the dispute arose.

And separately, Mutua has, via a lengthy face on social media, shared his testimony as to how he accumulated most of his wealth.

“It was working in Dubai, though, that stabilized my financial world. I was able to use the monies I made there to clear all loans and buy properties, including land in Kenya. I was also able to buy equipment for my production company (did someone say Cobra Squad?) and undertake many other investment ventures,” he wrote.

Mutua says he worked in Dubai as an Assistant Professor of Communications and Media at Zayed University before transversing the Middle East researching and writing. He later embarked on making films in the region and at the same time got a lucrative consultancy job with a leading media house in Kenya.

“I had several weekly columns in newspapers in Kenya (remember Msafiri?) and was becoming reknown as a communications specialist.”

His version of events appears to contrast with that of Nganga who claimed that he met his former boyfriend at a time he had transferred most of his properties to his former wife.

Nganga also claimed the couple had to stay at her apartment in Langata for a while when he worked as the government spokesperson. Nganga has also explained he helped Mutua open a company and process a loan they used to start an expansive hotel in Machakos.

Mutua has yet to publicly respond to Nganga’s allegations.