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Alikiba on the verge of ‘signing’ for Tanzanian football club

Bongo flava star Alikiba could feature as a player in the new season of Tanzanian Premier League which kicks off next month.

The Chekecha hitmaker, who got married in April this year, is set to sign for Premier League outfit Coastal Union which was promoted last season.

This is according to the club chairman, Steven Mguto, who revealed to a radio station that they are currently in talks with the musician to sign him.

“To be honest we are left with very few days to complete our transfers and I guess we will know that in the next two days or so. We are finalizing the contracts of other players but we can’t say the same for him (Alikiba) because he is yet to sign anything. What if he changes his mind? But to some extent we are interested in signing him, if all goes well,” Mguto said.

The chairman went on to add that Alikiba is an athlete but he is not at his best because he hasn’t been training as often as he should. Regardless, he says they wouldn’t mind having him on board.

Bongo flava star Alikiba. PHOTO | COURTESY


However, Alikiba is yet to comment to comment on the matter.

This report has led to speculations that Alikiba could once again be contemplating taking a music hiatus.

The artiste once took a three-year music sabbatical before making a grand comeback in 2015, releasing a number of club bangers since then.

It is however understood that Coastal Union is more interested in Alikiba’s image to help market the club rather than his services on the pitch.

Consequently, to make him feel part of them, knowing how enthusiastic he is on matters football, the club appears to have settled on signing him as a ‘player’.

In the recent, past Alikiba has been involved directly or indirectly in several friendly matches both home and away including organizing football tournaments.