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American visa application to be done 30 days in advance

People who want to travel to the US from Kenya will now have to apply for a visa 30 days in advance as opposed to the current one week before they are called for an interview.

This follows a waiting time extension by the US Embassy, citing seasonal demand for visas and rotation of its consular staff.

The embassy asked all its staff to inform possible travellers to the US of the new changes to help them plan ahead “so as to avoid unnecessary delays”, according to a notice on Tuesday.

“The seasonal demand for visas and the rotation of consular staff does affect the wait time for interviews at the US Embassy during some periods of the year, including the months of June, July and August,” said the US Embassy Press Attaché, Fiona Evans.

“As always, we are working to accommodate and facilitate travel to the US, but recommend that travellers plan ahead.”