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Anita Nderu leaves mafisi drooling after revealing her ‘favorite’ sex position

Former Capital FM presenter Anita Nderu has left Kenyan men drooling after she confessed her ‘favorite’ sex position makes women orgasm faster.

The 29 year-old media girl, who claimed to have first been kissed at 25, was responding to a tweet that suggested the average time a woman takes to orgasm is 13.5 minutes and that being on top is the best sex position to help get you there.

In her response, Anita said; “Rumour has it doggy/doggie style does the trick too, at least that’s what I’ve heard a lot of happy women say.”

Ms Nderu has always kept her love life under wraps. Last year she finally gave the public a glimpse of the special man in her life.

Here is what team mafisi had to say about her revelation on her favorite sex position.