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Another nanny caught on camera molesting toddler

In a case of another rogue nanny, a house help has been caught on camera mistreating a three-year-old child.

A video shared by Philip Etale on Facebook shows a lady continuously slapping the child in the living room while feeding him.

The video starts with the house help holding the boy on the sofa while she harshly slaps him several times while the toddler cries.

He then lifts the boy and carelessly places him near the coffee table, while she goes to get his food in the kitchen.

Left alone for a few seconds in the living room the boy seems to be looking at something directly at where the camera is placed. Giving a hint of someone or something being present in the sitting area.


The house help then comes back to feed the boy and continues to hit the child.

There has been numerous cases of house helps mistreating the children they are left with, that has led many Kenyans opt to install CCTV cameras in their household to monitor their activity’s.

A man yesterday had revealed on his Facebook account, on how his mistrust of hiring a maid to take care of his four month old daughter had let him to take drastic measures by himself by taking her daughter with him, to work.

The following are some of the reactions.