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Archbishop Harrison Ng’ang’a urges unmarried women to dress modestly

Archbishop Harrison Ng’ang’a, the leader of the Christ Foundation Fellowship Ministry has offered advice on dressing and relationship dynamics.

In a sermon delivered at Pastor Kiengei’s church, Harrison urged both men and women to consider their attire and communication in maintaining healthy relationships.

The controversial clergyman specifically addressed single women, encouraging them to dress in a manner that aligns with their relationship status.

He urged them to consider the signals their attire might send and advised against confusing potential suitors.

“If you are single, can you stop dressing like a married woman mpaka makanga anaconfuse, mama kaa hapa… and you get angry. You will even confuse pastors who are praying for you to get a husband,” he said.

Ng’ang’a cautioned against clothing choices that might unintentionally mislead others about one’s relationship status.

The Archbishop also turned his attention to married women, advising them to embrace a more modest appearance.

He expressed concern that dressing like single women might give the wrong impression to young men seeking life partners.

“If you are married, is it also okay to wear wigs that are covering your eyes, why do you want to look at us men? What do you want to see. If you are a mother, dress like a mother so that people will accord you the required respect. Don’t seduce young men with your dress code,” he urged.

In another sermon, Archbishop Ng’ang’a shifted the focus to married men, urging them to listen attentively to their wives, even when faced with seemingly nonsensical matters.

“Even if it makes no sense, just listen to her. Stop telling her that you do not want mushene! Why did you marry her if you will not listen to her?” he questioned.

Addressing the issue of tiredness and distractions, Ng’ang’a emphasized the importance of setting aside dedicated time for meaningful conversations.

He discouraged men from dismissing their wives’ concerns and urged them to actively engage, dedicating at least one hour a day to listening to their spouses.

The Archbishop stressed the value of giving undivided attention to one’s partner, highlighting that women, with their ability to multitask effortlessly, deserve focused communication.

“She will gain weight without eating. If you stop, she will start looking for the pastor to tell him what you have ignored,” he warned, underscoring the potential consequences of neglecting a wife’s need for communication and understanding.

Drawing from his own experience, Archbishop Ng’ang’a shared, “I listen to my wife until 2 am just to listen to her,” he said.

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