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Are these 10 minors hardened criminals?

By Nyaboga Kiage September 24th, 2022 2 min read

Police officers in Mombasa have revealed that 10 minors who had been arrested for allegedly engaging in crime fled from lawful custody.

The minors, who were arrested on Wednesday night while in possession of various weapons, fled before police officers could take them to Inuka Police Station in Likoni Sub County, Mombasa County.

However, it remains unclear how they managed to escape from lawful custody.

“A team of police officers from the station, led by Mr Shadrack Musyimi the Officer Commanding Station (OCS), conducted a search at the homes of all the minors within the whole Sub County in vain,” the police have now said.

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The police have identified the 10 minors as:

A.J aged 16-years-old and was nabbed for the offence of preparing to commit a felony in Matopeni village in Nyali.

T.K , 17, arrested in Timboni village within Nyali and police also say he was preparing to commit a felony.

S.K, 16, also arrested while preparing to commit a felony. Police believe that his parents reside in Bombolulu village in Kongowea.

C.J.J, 17, arrested for the offence of stealing in Ujamaa Group village, Likoni Sub-county.

S.I.W, 17, nabbed at Mtongwe within Mombasa County for the offence of robbery with violence.

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S.M, 17, found in possession of an offensive weapon in Kombani, Matunga in Kwale County.

B.A.M, 17, also arrested with an offensive weapon in Kombani village within Kwale County.

S.A.C, 13, arrested for stealing in Kombani village in Kwale County.

O.B, 15, arrested at Mjambere within the same county for robbery with violence.

D.K, 17, found in possession of offensive weapons within Taita Taveta County.

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