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Armed thugs caught on camera robbing wines and spirit shop

CCTV footage that captured two suspected thugs robbing a wine and spirits shop in Umoja is making rounds on social media.

The incident, according to details in the video, took place on Friday night at 9:44pm.

In the video, a woman and a man, who seem to be in charge of the outlet, are seen going about their business inside the shop.

Moments later, two armed men walk into the outlet. As one of them engages the sellers, the other one walks inside the shop through a low door.

The two suspects then order the the man and woman to lie down in one corner of the shop.

The other robber then pushes a man, who looks like a customer inside, as his accomplice starts ransacking the counter while emptying its contents into a bag.

Within minutes the suspected thugs are through and they casually walk out of the shop.

In a post on Facebook, East African Legislative Assembly Representative, Simon Mbugua, said the police have launched a search to arrest the two.