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Arrowboy and Nadia Mukami clash over baby number two

Singer Arrowboy says he would love to have more children with his chanteuse fiancée Nadia Mukami who isn’t ready just yet.

The entertainment couple are already parents to a two-year-old and even though Arrowboy feels ready to increase their brood, Nadia isn’t for the idea at the moment.

“I honestly love children. I would like to have more but I don’t have the time. Other than being a mother I have businesses that I need to take care of. There is the saloon business, a music hub (Sevens Creative Hub) and also my own music career. All these things demand time. This is the reason I am not planning to add on to my brood any time yet,” Nadia says.

Although Nadia’s explanation does make a lot of sense, Arrowboy however feels it’s a small price to pay for her partner to conceive again. “I think even with all the things going on with her as she says, I don’t see a problem with her conceiving and let her have more babies, I am here I will raise them,” Arrowboy insists.

But Nadia says conceiving isn’t an issue but as a woman there are a lot of things that come into play as far as having another baby is concerned.

“Motherhood isn’t tough as many love to portray it, it’s a good experience.

In the first year, it was challenging for me and I actually vowed never to get pregnant again. But as the child grows my perception has changed and I think before thinking of having a baby ensure that first you have the right partner but most importantly ensure you are in the right frame of mind, your mental health is stable because then you don’t want to subject your child to trauma,” she adds.

Nadia goes on to add, “I probably will need another three or four years before I can think of having a child again.”

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