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Leave me out of it: Bien pulls out of Otile’s controversial international acts debate

Dinger Bien Aime Baraza has backed out of the recent debate sparked by Otile Brown on whether Kenya has international acts.

A few months ago, Otile sparked mixed reactions when he claimed that there were no international artistes in the East African region.

The Chaguo La Moyo hitmaker claimed that contrary to popular belief, there is currently no East African artist who is considered an international act.

“That international title is something we have to fight for because right now the industry is stuck. Let nobody tell you that there is no international artist in East Africa, we are all on the ceiling, there is no international artist,” Otile opined on the YouTube channel show.

The sentiment didn’t sit well with a number of people, including musicians such as KRG The Don.

However, a section of fanatics felt that Otile was out of order, pointing to the success of Sauti Sol.
The band, of which Bien is a member, has been invited to perform at international mega-concerts such as Afro Nations.

But despite their success and being part of it, Bien says he doesn’t want to get involved in such a debate, saying it’s an argument he doesn’t find worth taking part in.

“I really don’t care if I go international or not, it’s not my business. Let people do the work and if it’s about who is going to take Kenyan music to the international level, please leave me out of it. Let everyone carry their own cross,” says Bien.

The singer adds, “I was born to make music and I will do it till I die, whether I become an international artist or not, that’s not my problem. That’s up to you (the public). I sing because it makes me happy. I sing because I love to express myself and that’s what’s important to me.

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