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Artcaffe now offers cash and paid internship -or free coffee

Under fire restaurant chain, Artcaffe has been forced to amend its competition rules after Kenyans went ham on them for offering free coffee for a year to creatives who would help them jazz up their coffee cups.

Artcaffe now says it will offer cash incentives for winners of its art competition in which the winners were only to be paid with free coffee and exposure of their artistic work on takeaway coffee cups.

The winners could, however, still choose to get coffee for a year.

The restaurant had on Tuesday announced a contest dubbed #ARTofthecity competition, in which they said the contest is meant to enable Kenyan creatives to showcase their artwork.

What irked Kenyans was the prizes the three winners will walk away with prizes. On Wednesday they changed their tune.

“We hear you. Let’s try this again…Re-launching our updated #ARTofthecity competition, where we are celebrating the creatives of our city,” they said.

According to the new completion details, the best design will now win a paid internship with the Artcaffe Design Team for two months and walk home with Sh100,000 cash prize or free daily coffee for a year at the artist’s choice and exhibit and sell their art in one of their restaurants for two months.

They will also post an artist’s profile on their website and on all social media platforms.

“Your unique artwork and your name will be the printed design on our take-away cups,” they added.

The best runner up will now win Sh50,000 cash prize instead of free coffee for six months. The winner will also have their profile on Artcaffe’s website and posts on all social media platforms.

The second runner up -who initially was to only get free coffee for three months- will now receive Sh30,000 in cash and will also have their profile on the restaurant’s website and on all social media platforms and have their unique artwork and their name printed design on the chains takeaway cups.