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Atheist men seek Valentine’s date with single, religious women

Atheist men in Kenya are a lonely lot as Valentine’s Day approaches. They say women are giving them a wide berth on account of their lack of belief in God.

Athiests in Kenya (AIK) chairman Harrison Mumia reckons that a majority of Kenyan women are very religious and this has tilted the dating scene agaimst atheist men.

Most women, he said, prefer ‘God fearing’ men, church going born-againmen, or in the case of Muslims, devout Muslim men. T

“This VALENTINE, we are appealing to the religious single women to accommodate atheists as potential spouses and not exclude them on the basis that they do not believe in God. In AIK, we have very moral, fun and faithful single atheists who do not mind dating Christians, Muslims or Hindus. Religious women who are interested in a date with atheist men should,” said Mr Mumia in a statement.