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Atheists in Kenya backed Raila and Facebook is not impressed

Atheists are seeking to sign a deal with NASA that will guarantee their registration if they form government in return for their support ahead of August polls.

A move to back the presidential of NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga has, however, been met with heavy criticism and seems to have split the atheists society.

The move was announced by Atheists in Kenya (AIK) president Harrison Mumia but has not been taken well by most his fellow atheists who dissociated themselves from the campaign saying they shared different political views.

Mr Mumia was accused of using the name of atheists to drive his personal political view.

According to Mr Mumia, the group will seek to sign a memorandum of understanding with NASA in and in exchange AIK will support of Mr Odinga’s presidential bid.


Mr Mumia in a post on his Facebook page said that the move is motivated by the move by the Jubilee government to deny them registration as a society.

The group had acquired registration a year ago but their registration was suspended by Attorney General Githu Muigai less than a month later.

This, according to Mr Mumia, was unfair and resolved to move to court over the matter.

Mr Mumia on Monday posted a campaign ad on his wall bearing the hashtag #Atheists4Raila but was met with heavy backlash from other atheists some claiming it was ill-advised and would tarnish the name of the Nasa candidate.


Here are some of the comments:

Agava Makhumbiri: “not soo good for Raila. Pull down the pic, it will be used for propaganda instead.”

Reinfry Lavelle Nesbitt wrote: “Dont spoil for Raila. People Will start saying Raila is also an atheist.”

Kennedy Ouma Omollo Harrison said: “remember most voters are apologetics, and given that you have cultivated a small ka-niche in the social media platform, the enemies of Raila will screenshot this and give it as a proof that really, Raila is devil sent…oh, and they know that athiest are actually devil sent, and not non- believers of any spiritual being existence. hmm?..”


Levi Kones added: “You are sooo not helping Raila here.”

Kiprotich Tireitto added: “Every atheist has a right to choose whoever he/she wants, you can’t decide for all atheists in Kenya..”

Elimas Ndereba Gikunda went on: “I hope this is not a representation of all atheists’ stand.”

Isaac Mwaura added: “MR PRESIDENT SIR, I’m helping you share the post, it’s one of the best post u ever posted.”

When contacted by the Nation over the decision to endorse Raila’s presidency, Mr Mumia said he would go ahead with the move although it has divided the atheist community.

“Yes, I am drafting the MOU. It has divided the atheist community but we will proceed with it,” he said.